Company History

EFM  (Electric Furnace Man) is one of the oldest names in heating in the United States.  The company logo includes the phrase, “The finest in automatic heat”, which refers to the origins of the company as a manufacturer of coal stoker boilers.

Coal clomid online fired heating around the turn of the century was still a dirty and time consuming proposition.  A coal stoker invented at e·f·m  made it possible to feed coal automatically to the fire and even to change the feed rate in response to a thermostat.  This innovation was a great time saver and improved the comfort of millions of Americans.  Automatic heat, who would have thought it could make such a big difference.  The EFM  stoker boiler is still made today.  But, in addition, EFM  sells a wide variety of heating boilers and furnaces and related equipment for residential and small commercial applications.

The flagship product at EFM  today is the PK Series of steel boilers.  The PK design builds on the heritage of the original coal stoker at EFM  by providing many years of reliable heating service with what we believe is the most serviceable heat exchanger and combustion chamber in the industry.

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Dealers can schedule training on installation and maintenance at EFM in Schuylkill Haven, PA at your convenience. Just priligy online call us at 570-385-1892 and set up a levitra online date.